Why should you choose Maryland as your study location?

Maryland is a state of education and opportunity

Maryland holds a special place in the history of the United States and maintains many historical sites including Fort McHenry where the Star Spangled Banner was written and Annapolis, where the Treaty of Paris ending the Revolutionary War was signed. Regardless of your interest in history, you will benefit from Maryland’s diverse population and immigrant communities, proximity to major cities on the East Coast, and access to a variety of internship, volunteer and career opportunities throughout your time studying in the U.S.

Maryland ranks #5 in the US for Education and Opportunity. Its overall ranking is #8 in Best States in the US!
— US News and World Reports, 2017

Facts and Figures of Maryland

  • Population: 6 million

  • Major cities: Baltimore, Annapolis

  • #5 in the nation for public school quality

  • Proximity to Washington DC, New York City, Philadelphia and Richmond

  • 2 major international airports

  • Famous Maryland residents include Michael Phelps, Jada Pinkett Smith and Edward Norton.

  • Home to the beautiful Eastern Shore

  • Major sports teams include the Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles