Financing your Education

Studying in Maryland can be a life-changing experience. The education gained from your classes, internships, professors and classmates will be an investment in your future. Some people invest in stocks, some in real estate or land, and an investment in education is an investment in yourself and your future. Research has shown that investing in education has strong financial returns over time. However, as with other types of investments, usually there will be cost associated with completing a degree in the US.

Many students may apply for scholarships, and some may receive them, but full tuition scholarships are quite rare. Additional scholarships may be available based on the university’s athletics program, honors college or academic departments. You will need to research the university you wish to attend to find the opportunities they offer.

We have a few external sites listed to help you explore alternative funding sources. Remember, that if you seek a student loan, you must make sure you understand the policies of paying it back.